Is Selling Evil?

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I love Sales and Marketing. [recommendation] – Joe Polish he and Dean Jackson have a weekly podcast in which they give away so much marketing and selling information that it has been said by some listeners ( over 200,000 world wide) that they get more real life usable ideas from their podcast than a marketing degree. Hey, when you get to the magic 9 word email you will reject it like I did then I thought hey … Read More

The 1 word that blew it.

After spending almost $1,000 at a Marine fish shop in Mermaid Beach last week I had a question so I called the guy in the afternoon, introduced myself and asked how are you? He said 1 word Busy. I had only 2 hours earlier been in the shop and I get a one word grunting answer when I could be calling to spend even more money? F*&% him there are plenty of other shops I … Read More