Velocity Selling TV – Episode 34 – Working the Plan or Go for the No

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Working the plan or go for the no. But wait, isn’t sales all about the numbers and not the ‘no’s’? When it comes to going for the no, it will actually end up doing you as a salesperson better than if you try to get a qualified prospect out of every contact. Why is that? Going for the no will save you time and energy on an unqualified prospect while at the same time giving … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 33 – Developing your Sales Plan

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

Developing your sales plan can seem like a daunting task- better left to the sales leader or sales manager for you to follow when it’s done. But the sales plan is more important to the individual sales rep than most sales teams realise. This is due to the fact that the sales plan needs to be made up of the individual sales goals of the sales rep themselves. When a sales rep can own a … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 32 – A Message for Sales Leaders

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There is a secret success behind every sales team, every sales person. That secret being a great sales leader. Without the sales leader, helping to set goals and ensuring they are met, the sales team will have no motivation nor drive to do their job. But what happens when the sales leader uses the old, worn out methods of sales leadership? Barking orders and setting numbers that are not relevant to the sales team. Not … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 31 – Commit and Take Action

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

Velocity Selling TV returns with Bob Urichuck, the founder of Velocity Selling, and Matthew Whyatt, the CEO, as they converse about the commitment it takes to see your goals become a reality in Episode thirty-one. Committing to your goals and the action plans that you have set out for yourself is the only way that you can reach the goals and dreams that you want out of life. When you can have daily disciplines to … Read More

Velocity Selling’s Founder Speaking at Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce is Coming Velocity Selling’s founder Bob Urichuck, will be a keynote speaker at Dreamforce 2016. Dreamforce is a yearly event held by Salesforce in San Francisco. Each year they bring together the world’s best sales experts under one roof for an exciting four days of learning, motivation, and inspiration. Read more about Bob’s keynote feature here.  and Bob Urichuck have been working closely together since my appointment of CEO at Velocity Selling. Together … Read More