Velocity Selling TV – Episode 45 – The 70/30 Rule and Salespeople

70/30 rule

The 70/30 Rule for all salespeople and business owners is a great questioning technique when it comes to discussing with your buyers. Keeping the 70/30 Rule in mind while you are engaging your buyers and having a conversation is crucial to not only understand your buyers needs and wants, but to help them along on their path to self-discovery. What should salespeople or business owners be doing 70% of the time? Listening! Listening to your … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 44 – How to Engage Buyers

engage buyers

How to engage buyers is yet another crucial part to the Velocity Selling System. How can you engage your buyers? In order to fully engage your buyers you will have to ask questions. Asking questions will help you to discover the needs and wants of your buyers. Yet, asking questions does more than engage your buyers. Asking questions will enable you to be in control of the conversation. Staying in control of the conversation is … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 43 – How to Be Buyer Focused

buyer focused

Buyer focused is one of the most important aspects to have for any business. Focusing on your buyers to find out their needs and wants, and what is important to them is a crucial piece to the Buyer Focused Velocity Selling System. When you place the focus on your customers, your buyers, you can find out how to understand them, make them feel welcome, make them feel important, and also feeling comfortable. Beginning to master … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 42 – How Buyers Buy

buyers buy

Discovering how buyers buy is one of the crucial factors to a success business. Simply speaking, buyers have a four step buying system that is subconsciously a part of them. First, they will mislead the sales person or be dishonest with them. Second, the buyer will get as much free consulting out of the salesperson as they can by asking questions about the product or service. Third, they will mislead the salesperson again with ‘I … Read More