Velocity Selling TV – Episode 59 – Building a Relationship

This week with Velocity Selling TV, Matthew Whyatt shares the importance of building a relationship with the client and how to continue that growth. Fostering and nurturing your relationships are a key component in the sales industry. Once you can take a step back to realise that you are dealing with people, human to human, you can ensure that you are respecting their time, actively listening, and adding value to the conversation. Try Velocity Selling … Read More

Unlocking Your Salespeople’s Potential

unlocking potential

Are you frustrated that your sales team are under performing or your business is not growing as quickly as you would like? I want to tell you the story of how David (not his real name) seemed to hit a ceiling relating to the number of effective salespeople he could have in his business, causing sales to flatten and frustration to take over. David was frustrated that he was not able to continue to grow … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 58 – 5 Positive Outcomes to a Sales Call

Join Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt this week with the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV as they explore the 5 Positive Outcomes of a Sales Call. In every sales, call there are five positive outcomes, even if it does not seem like it right away. The five positive outcomes include getting a yes, a no, a clear future, learning a lesson due to a failure, and a referral. On a call if you do … Read More