Velocity Selling TV -Episode 64 -Step 3 Buying Motivators

Sales, Buying Motivators, Coaching

What gets a buyer motivated to buy? This week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV digs deeper into what truly motivates buyers to buy and how you, the salesperson, can help the buyer reveal these motivations to you. During a sales conversation, you should be following the 70/30 rule, allowing the buyer to talk 70% of the time, while you are asking questions 30% of the time. Be sure to use your questioning skills to dig … Read More

If You Don’t Know the Steps to a Sale your Customers Won’t Take Them

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Transcript Below If You Don’t Know the Steps to a Sale, Your Customer’s Won’t Take It Hi, Matthew Whyatt here, once again in my car. It seems that I do a lot of my good thinking whilst driving along and so I quickly pull it over to share an idea with you. So the idea actually came from a conversation I had yesterday with a client and I was talking about their sales process. Once … Read More

Rant. Are banks still the least customer focused businesses?…

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Transcript Below Hi, Matthew here from Velocity Selling. You know how I talk a lot about being buyer focused and actually caring about your customer. Well, once again I’ve been astounded by the lack of the ability of the banking industry to actually care. I was just down at the bank linking a GST to one of my accounts and the lady said, ‘I need to know everything about your income, your outgoings, all that … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 63 – Step 2- Setting Parameters

A guide to Selling

In the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuk and Matthew Whyatt discuss how to set the parameters in a conversation after you have built rapport. Setting the right parameters will directly affect how the conversation will end up. There are always a few things you want to do. Not only to avoid wasting time (your own and/or the clients) but to find the basis of honest answers within the conversation. It is important … Read More

How to Follow Up Without Being a Pain in the A$#@!


In this story, I will take you through how a client of mine was able to follow up a client for 10 months and eventually win the business without being a pain in the arse. Oh, and the last 6 of those months he received no response to emails or phone calls. So, if you want to learn exactly how you can win more business stay tuned. Last year, my client got the opportunity to … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 62 – Build Rapport – The first and most important step.

Sales Rapport

Building rapport with your potential client is one of the most important and vital steps to effectively communicating as well as being a key component to being a salesperson. In order to achieve the eight steps within the Velocity Selling system, you must first start with building a solid foundation of rapport because the entire system relies on this first step. When you are building rapport with a customer, there are several techniques that you … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 61 – Be a Doctor of Selling

Sales Meeting

There are four techniques all salespeople need to know in order to build a relationship with their customer. Join Matthew this week to find out the four steps salespeople will need to take in order to begin building a relationship with their customer, the right way. And it all starts with being a doctor of sales. Salespeople all understand the importance of relationships with their customers can be. In fact building solid relationships are vital … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 60 – We don’t do Brochures

Understanding your customer is absolutely vital to success in any venture. Not only will it allow you to ensure they are a good fit for your business and your business is a good fit for them, it allows you to truly get to the root of the problem or issue you are there to help solve. This week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV shares the important stage of getting to know your customer or potential … Read More