Velocity Selling TV – Episode 68 – Step 7 Prescribing Solutions

Sales Solutions Prescribing Solutions

The seventh step in the Velocity Selling System is what all salespeople should be doing after they have completed steps one through six, and that would be prescribing solutions. As a sales person, you should consider yourself to be a doctor of selling. Why? Because any doctor that prescribes without understanding the diagnosis is committing malpractice. As a salesperson, you want to make sure that you fully understand what your buyer needs for their business … Read More

Velocity Selling TV -Episode 67 – Step 6 Summarising

Sales Recruitment and Coaching with Matthew Whyatt

After going through each of the first five Velocity Selling System steps, build rapport, setting parameters, uncovering buying motivators, uncovering financial ability, and uncovering decision making, we are brought to the sixth step: summarising. The summarising step is a crucial part of the Velocity Selling System because this is where you will summarise everything you and the potential buyer have discussed and where you as a salesperson need to decide if you can truly help … Read More

Watch to learn how patience can lead to faster sales results

Hi Matthew Whyatt here. Welcome to a short, two minute sales update, a sales idea. These are about developing a couple little gems that you can just watch, think about, and then maybe apply in your next round of conversations with a client. Today’s is about resisting the temptation. And what do I mean by that? Some salespeople and business owners will ask a few broad questions about what a client wants or needs and … Read More

My embarrassing sales story….. even pros do this.

Sales Story

Transcript Below — Hi Matthew Whyatt here. I want to share something embarrassing with you, what I thought was embarrassing in relation to sales and it might actually help. I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day and I was relating a bit of a story so I send that to marketing and I got back to my office, gave myself a two hour block to make these phone calls. I sat … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 66 – Step 5 – Decision Making Process

sales decision making

Decision making, the best part of the sales process for any sales person (should the decision go in the salesperson favor, or at least give them a lesson). This week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV will take viewers through step five of the Velocity Selling System, the decision making process. Watch now for insights on the decision making process. Try Velocity Selling for Free Exceprt posted From

How To Free Your Business From Recruiting The Wrong Salespeople

Most us know that recruiting the wrong salespeople can have a devastatingly negative impact on your business. Carrying the costs involved with hiring the individuals – advertising, recruiting and induction – can be problematic. Especially if you have to provide for these costs again if the new hire does not work out. An employee that’s the wrong fit may also come with hidden costs. Think about the hours of wasted time and loss of productivity … Read More

Velocity Selling – Episode 65 – Step 5 Financial Ability

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Everything we as a salesperson says is questionable, everything the buyer says is brilliant and true. So we want to make sure they’re speaking more about their problems and their finances than we are. So of course we want to make sure that we’re not the ones to put money on the table first. So how we do that? With financial ability, the first step, each one of these sections have steps in and of … Read More

Sales success is not about having all the answers.

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Sales success is not about having all the answers. It’s about knowing the questions that will have the client realise you are the one to deal with. Transcript Below Hi Matthew here. It’s Saturday morning so I’m a bit more casual than normal, but I was just communicating with a client of mine who’s out in the field doing the work and he said to me ‘Matthew, you’ve always got the answers.’ And I looked … Read More