Velocity Selling TV – Episode 71 – Discipline Toward Yourself

Sales Discipline

Back again with Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuk and Matthew Whyatt share the importance of Discipline Towards Yourself in episode 71. Having self-disciplines incorporated into your day to day life is a crucial part to success. Many famous and/or wealthy people in society will have a strict daily routine. For most, it’s a strict morning routine. Doing the same tasks each day will help you structure your life for success. Being sure to stay motivated, … Read More

But I Know How to Sell

Sales Success

Transcript Below Hi Matthew Whyatt here with Velocity Selling. Welcome to two minutes to Sales Success. What I wanted to talk to you today about growth mindset is how world champions get better. I was tennis the other month actually and saw the Roger Federer was playing and he was having a great match and he had to dig deep to actually win that. The camera kept cutting across to the coach and of course … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 70 – The Cheat Sheet

Sales Cheat Sheet

Over the last few weeks we have covered the steps in making the perfect sale. There are 8 total steps that make up the guide for the selling system. We have provided these steps for download in this post. Make sure to stick these steps in the beginning of you sales notebook. That way they are always available for you each time you make a sales call or find yourself taking notes during a sales … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 69 – Step 8 Account Retention & Development

Sales Solutions

The final step in the Velocity Selling System, step eight, account retention and development brings the whole client focused system to an end. Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt discuss a major part of any sales person’s job- retaining the customer and growing that relationship. Once you have empowered your buyer to buy and they have joined forces with you to achieve the outcomes they want to achieve, it is vital as a salesperson to ensure … Read More