Velocity Selling TV – Episode 74 – Tools for Success

In the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt share the tools that everyone can use for success. Everyone, especially if you are in sales, can truly benefit from the worksheets that are a part of the Velocity Selling system. These tools for success help you keep on track to reaching your goals with breaking down the daily disciplines which will help you in your personal and work life goals. No … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 73 – Discipline Towards Buyers

Sales Coaching Recruiting

Discipline towards your buyers is an essential piece to the sales puzzle. Showing your clients and your potential clients that you care enough to take their business with the upmost respect by demonstrating your disciplines will enable you to convert more clients than if you did not have discipline towards buyers at all. Be sure to always be prepared for any sales call and do what you need to do to make sure that each … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 72 – Discipline Towards Your Organization

Sales Organization

Back again with Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuk and Matthew Whyatt share the importance of Discipline Towards Yourself in episode 71. Having self-disciplines incorporated into your day to day life is a crucial part to success. In business you must have discipline. Learning how to break down your overall goals within the organisation to your daily disciplines will enable you to not only reach those goals, but to be an overall success. Set out timelines, … Read More