Are You Creating Your Own Objections?

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I had an ex-employee phone me recently to ask for some advice about a business idea that she had and was considering investing a considerable amount of time and money into. I’m happy to help my friends so we talked it through for about 20 minutes. The conversation was along the lines of understanding what the first steps are to turn it from an idea to a product that the market might actually want. I won’t go into our conversation in depth as I expect to see that business exploding out of the blocks in the months to come, but the end of the conversation took an interesting turn, which is the subject of this story.

Jane (not her real name) thanked me for the sales and business lessons that I had taught over the years whilst she worked for my company during my weekly sales meetings. She spoke about one sales meeting, in particular, covering prospect objections.

She wanted to thank me for showing her that she is creating her own objections.

I said ‘What do you mean?’

She replied that I ran a sales meeting many years ago, and during that meeting, I went around the room asking the sales people to write down the biggest and hardest objection that they had to deal with on a regular basis that is stopping them from hitting their goals.

What was interesting was that amongst the 10 person sales team the “show-stopping” sales objections were different. How could this happen? All the marketing was the same for each and the leads were distributed evenly. So why were they getting a such a variety of objections as their main objections?

Maybe it was differences in scripts and process and other factors but as the meeting moved forward it was revealed that these were also incidental.

One person would get the objection because of the industry, where others would not. Another would get “the price is too high”.

My next question was, ‘Why do you think you are getting objections around that and others are not?’.

We spoke further going into each area and worked out that person who was stumped by Industry Objections actually did not like the industry they were working in.

“It made them plenty of money but they didn’t necessarily like the industry.”

Others had the objection of No Money/Price too high.

We had a look at the sales people with No Money/Price Too High as the biggest objection and realised that they were the most likely to have money issues themselves, their “money blueprint”, their “go to” way of thinking was one where things were expensive and they, even though on a high income couldn’t afford things, and often being concerned about commissions, pay rates, taxes etc. There were some real scarcity issues around money. Their self-talk was around how expensive things were.

As we went around the room there was a realisation that the objections that the sales team were getting were more about themselves than the prospects.

The sales people were then tasked to do some personal development to assist in overcoming their own internal objections.

What about you? What objections are you getting in your business? Ask yourself are these my issues more than my clients?

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