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Hi Matthew Whyatt here with Velocity Selling. Welcome to two minutes to Sales Success. What I wanted to talk to you today about growth mindset is how world champions get better. I was tennis the other month actually and saw the Roger Federer was playing and he was having a great match and he had to dig deep to actually win that. The camera kept cutting across to the coach and of course that made me smile because he’s a world champion and he’s paid tens of millions of dollars a year and he’s got a coach.
I just want to put that back on you for a moment. Have you ever come across somebody who says they know it all? Somebody who is actually fairly average, but the assert that they actually know everything? I have. This is the really interesting part, I’ve come across many people of many walks of life. I’ve met people like Bryan Tracy, Bob Urichuck of course from Velocity Selling, Kevin Harrington who was on the Shark Tank in America, billionaire in his own right, these guys don’t say that. These guys are always looking for that edge, that one extra step, that one extra advantage that they’re looking for.
So this is the question that I want to leave with you this week: Do you know it all or would you like to get better? Because knowing it all means you’re finished, it means you’re dead. Wanting to know something else, getting a little bit better at your business, little bit better at your pitch, little bit better at asking questions, provide you that growth mindset. So, next time you’re feeling frustrated, ask yourself the question: What would Federer do?
Thanks a lot. See you later, bye for now.

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