“But Sales Scripts sound wooden”

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It is reported by Forbes that Robert Downey Jr got paid close to $75 Million dollars last year.

Do you think he winged it? ( Iron Man pun)

Of course he had a script.

I have always developed scripts for me and my sales teams because it is the perfect way to capture and leverage the best sales conversations. We make sure there are parts of the script that allow for free flow conversation but I will also script in ways to get the conversation back on track and moving towards the sale. A good sales script should be broken up in to chapters and when you want to make a strong point or ask a question in a certain way saying it exactly to script is the best way to make sure you get it right every time. If it is not right or sounds forced then workshop / role play the script so it does perfectly express your idea or question.

The only time sales people have sounded wooden when working with a script is when they have not been taught how to modulate their voice effectively. There is rarely anything more painful than talking to someone who is droning on in a monotone Sales people need to be interesting enough to interrupt the prospects day and inspire them to action.

How do you add some life to your script?

How about as a sales team grab a book (Dr Seuss will keep the session light)  and tell the story so it sounds interesting. This was fun and effective way to demonstrate the power of voice modulation ( tonality )  Get the sales manager to read it in a dead pan for contrast

There are 3 distinct stages of Sales Script training that I have taken my teams through.

  1. Learn the official script so it sounds like a conversation.

  1. Allow the sales person to modify ( within reason ) the script to fit their personality whilst making sure the powerful statements and questions are still in there. This will create buy in for the sales person. * the sales person only qualifies to modify the script once they can execute the official one well.

  1. Finally grab a dictaphone ( Do people still have them?) or your smart phone and record a live sales conversation. Get the sales person to record themselves and bring the recording to you once they are happy with the sound of the call. They will sweat that because no one likes the sound of their own voice because they know you will play it for the room.

Oh and one more thing – Scripts get rid of filler dumb sounding words, like, basically, um, you know,

Remember leads and marketing are useless without strong conversion rates and well trained sales people can be the difference between failure and massive success.

Matthew Whyatt

Telephone Sales Coach


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