Is Selling Evil?

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I love Sales and Marketing.

[recommendation] – Joe Polish he and Dean Jackson have a weekly podcast in which they give away so much marketing and selling information that it has been said by some listeners ( over 200,000 world wide) that they get more real life usable ideas from their podcast than a marketing degree.

Hey, when you get to the magic 9 word email you will reject it like I did then I thought hey what can it hurt. I have a database of really old and cold leads and they are right you can apply this idea to any, yep any business.

Go to or go to itunes and subscribe to the podcast.

No I am not getting paid for this just trying to help you out because if you are reading my blog you are most likely selling something. Lets be honest here who is not selling something? I spent last night selling my 4 year old the fun and benefits of vegetables.  Well it reduced to simple take away close but more about closing in another post 🙂


By the way I doubled my expected response from that cold database. 9 word email no html, no bull, 1 question.

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