Let it go.

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Last year when I was wrestling with the fact that my business that I had owned for 14 years needed to be put down. I had a lot of dark days. I could not get out from under it and think creatively. So I got in to it I went back on the phones selling. I made some sales but the cancer had taken hold.

I knew mentally that the business needed to go through this stage of collapse to make way for bigger and better things. But it hurt emotionally. A lot.

How did I survive?

When I thought it really sucked to be me I would call my A class customers and simply say “Hi how are you going?’

They would tell me about the money they were making the holidays they had taken the time they had to smell the roses. I could then breathe knowing I was delivering value to someone.

I bought a book called Love Yourself Like Your Life depends on it  Here is one of my favourite writers writing about the book. This is why I bought it.Love Yourself Like Your Life depends on it

And I asked for help.

Simple really. I am no new age hippy ( even writing that makes me laugh) but you know what? I needed to come to terms with my ego. There was no galactic score keeper that would knock on the door and lock me up. I had to let it go to create space for new things.

I let it go.

I had to let it go

Time for new things. No Office. Few Staff. Global expansion.


Matthew Whyatt


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