My Self Doubt Made Me a Great Salesperson

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I will let you in on a secret: I am not a confident person; I get awkward and embarrassed very easily and I care about others opinions way more than I should.

How does a person who is racked with self-doubt become a salesperson?

The realisation that I can be better and then doing something about it.

There are 4 stages of mastery:

1. Unconscious Incompetence – I don’t know what I don’t know
2. Conscious Incompetence – I know that I don’t know
3. Conscious Competence – I know what I know
4. Unconscious Competence – I don’t need to think about what I know

My self-doubt has kept me thinking I am at level 2 my entire life, why else would I read books, listen to audio, study every day about business and sales and for that matter why would I practice the same martial art for 15 years?

I know I can get better!

In my 20 years of being an entrepreneur, the one skill that has had the greatest positive impact has been my realisation that I can get better. Knowing I can get better has led me to study great sales leaders and what they do, practice in a safe environment and develop bullet proof systems around the entire process.

What do I have a system around?


Here are a few areas I have a system around. If you take 5 minutes to think about each area listed below, your business will make more money and function far better.

• Networking – How do you walk in and what is the first question you ask?
• Cold, Warm and Inbound Leads – Scripts
• Nurturing your existing clients so they love you – Appreciate your current and past clients.
• Asking for Referrals – Make it easy to get referrals by doing most of the work for them.
• What is your process from “I have never heard of this company” to “I am excited to buy from this company”? – Education and a pull strategy.
• What are the steps of a great sales conversation? – Documented stages of the call and discipline to not skip a step.
• Follow up process for non-clients, clients, prospective clients.

You may be thinking: how do I even start to build this in to my company?

Easy, call a meeting with your entire company, I mean everyone, from the CEO to the secretary and whiteboard each area and how it could be better. The next step is to decide on what is the highest priority and work on just that one. If you were to work on just one part of your business for 30-45 minutes a week you will very quickly have defined most areas of your business and created systems that you can practice and become better at.

Bets are, you are most likely not as neurotic as I am, but if you are reading this or following other sales leaders you have a desire to be better.

What are you going to do today to be better?

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