Stop Talking and Start Selling

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Traditional/legacy sales people can be identified in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is wait.  Wait until they start talking and talking and talking ad nauseam and after answering a slew of questions from the client and spewing features and benefits at a speed that would make Eminem proud they report back to the boss that it was a great presentation and the client is interested.

But in all likelihood the client feels that they have escaped the sucking clutches of quicksand and has asked for a “proposal” or some other euphemism for leave me alone.

 “He has the gift of the gab, he will be a good salesperson”.

Sales people typically think that if they are talking, they are in control. When in fact, it is the customer who holds all the cards and they can choose to fold at any time, and the more the sales person talks, the faster the customer loses interest and folds. Why? Because they do not feel understood, the do not feel valued, and they become increasingly sure that said salesperson is only there to push their product or service not actually deliver value to the buyer.

How can you take back control of the sale?

Ask Questions – seek to understand, not be understood. Question the answer and go the next level deeper.

By asking high quality, thought out questions you will be able to understand what their issues are, decide if you can add value and qualify the buyer. That’s right, you need to qualify the customer instead of allowing the customer to qualify you. Whoever is doing the rejecting is the one who is truly in control of the situation.

Engaging the customer with the right questioning process will allow you to stay in control of the conversation, all the while discovering more about the prospect. Following a proven sales process will give you control over the conversation whilst the client thinks they are in control, being listened to and respected. Once you realise it is about service and the client you will shorten the sales cycle, make more money and gain far more referrals than ever before.

Asking the right questions will let the customer do the talking while you, the sales person, genuinely listen to what they have to say. Opening up this flow of communication will allow a relationship of trust to establish. Once you have this trust, your customer will feel more comfortable about opening up about their real problem and you can then discover if you can help them or not with your products or services.

Start by asking questions, engage the customer and build that foundation of trust. The relationship that grows from this foundation of trust will shift the prospect into a buyer.

It’s no secret that people buy from those that they trust. The techniques used in the Velocity Selling “Buyer Focused” system shows you how to start asking the right questions and stop the needless chatter. With Velocity Selling, you can learn how to truly listen to your customer and build a solid relationship that moves forward into a positive outcome for everyone. Successful sales people create real human to human connections and start new relationships with their customers. And it all starts with understanding how a client wants to be treated.

Do you want to learn more about how you can implement these proven strategies?

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