Velocity Selling TV -Episode 67 – Step 6 Summarising

Sales Recruitment and Coaching with Matthew Whyatt

After going through each of the first five Velocity Selling System steps, build rapport, setting parameters, uncovering buying motivators, uncovering financial ability, and uncovering decision making, we are brought to the sixth step: summarising. The summarising step is a crucial part of the Velocity Selling System because this is where you will summarise everything you and the potential buyer have discussed and where you as a salesperson need to decide if you can truly help … Read More

My embarrassing sales story….. even pros do this.

Sales Story

Transcript Below — Hi Matthew Whyatt here. I want to share something embarrassing with you, what I thought was embarrassing in relation to sales and it might actually help. I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day and I was relating a bit of a story so I send that to marketing and I got back to my office, gave myself a two hour block to make these phone calls. I sat … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 60 – We don’t do Brochures

Understanding your customer is absolutely vital to success in any venture. Not only will it allow you to ensure they are a good fit for your business and your business is a good fit for them, it allows you to truly get to the root of the problem or issue you are there to help solve. This week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV shares the important stage of getting to know your customer or potential … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 59 – Building a Relationship

This week with Velocity Selling TV, Matthew Whyatt shares the importance of building a relationship with the client and how to continue that growth. Fostering and nurturing your relationships are a key component in the sales industry. Once you can take a step back to realise that you are dealing with people, human to human, you can ensure that you are respecting their time, actively listening, and adding value to the conversation. Try Velocity Selling … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 54 – Objections Pt 2

Sales Training - Overcoming Objections

Are you creating your own objections? Join Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt again this week with Velocity Selling TV: Episode 54- Objections Part 2. They dive into where most objections sales people receive actually stem from – within. As a salesperson if you are getting the same objections time and time again, chances are you are projecting that objection subconsciously to your prospects. Writing down your objections will give you the opportunity to compare them … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 34 – Working the Plan or Go for the No

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

Working the plan or go for the no. But wait, isn’t sales all about the numbers and not the ‘no’s’? When it comes to going for the no, it will actually end up doing you as a salesperson better than if you try to get a qualified prospect out of every contact. Why is that? Going for the no will save you time and energy on an unqualified prospect while at the same time giving … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 7 – Characteristics of Successful Sales Person

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

We begin this episode of Velocity Selling TV with CEO, Matthew Whyatt and founder, Bob Urichuck discussing the characteristics of successful sales people, and what it takes to realize within whether or not you have the characteristics that are required to gain success. Before they get into exactly what makes a sales person successful, Bob does some important reviewing on what it means to be a part of a non-traditional process, that it is important … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 5 – The Foundations of Success

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

In episode 5 of Velocity Selling TV, the main focus is what is the true foundation of what makes an individual successful. Matthew and Bob discuss back and forth about what Matthew did in his past that elevated him to the level of success he has been able to reach, and it all came down to one big element that is the main driving force behind all successful people. Having the right attitude in life … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 2 – Making 2016 Your Best Year Yet

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

In the second episode of Velocity Selling TV, CEO Matthew Whyatt and founder Bob Urichuck give their tips for inspiration and how best to plan out and keep your New Year’s resolutions. It is well known that New Yew’s resolutions are always met with positivity and optimism and often, after a short period of time, forgotten about or given up on. Bob explains that one of the biggest reasons for this is that so many … Read More

“But Sales Scripts sound wooden”

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

It is reported by Forbes that Robert Downey Jr got paid close to $75 Million dollars last year. Do you think he winged it? ( Iron Man pun) Of course he had a script. I have always developed scripts for me and my sales teams because it is the perfect way to capture and leverage the best sales conversations. We make sure there are parts of the script that allow for free flow conversation but … Read More