Measuring What Matters

Measuring Sales Performance

What is one of the least effective questions a sales manager can ask when trying to measure sales performance?  ‘What sales do you have coming in?’ If you just heard yourself ask that question in the last week.  Stop it now! That is like asking a professional sports team what score they will have at the end of the game.  They know what they are going for, but it totally depends on how well they play the … Read More

Think Before You Speak

A big mistake that companies make in sales is not bothering to take the time to think about the best way to position what they are selling, creating a sales script for it and practicing their pitch. Sounds obvious right? Business owners and salespeople constantly surprise me by not taking the time to: Develop a succinct way of explaining what they do and who they help, Practice what questions they will ask in a sales … Read More

Even The Hobbits Knew Where To Go

Hobbit Knew Where to Go - Sales Process

What happens when there is uncertainty about the next step in the sales process? Nothing – slow to no sales, no control of the sale, elongated sales cycles and management unable to ask anything more intelligent than “What sales have you got coming in?” I was once asked to help a company raise their sales through sales training. They wanted to make more sales. Simple, right? So, the first thing I did was interview all … Read More

Velocity Selling TV -Episode 64 -Step 3 Buying Motivators

Sales, Buying Motivators, Coaching

What gets a buyer motivated to buy? This week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV digs deeper into what truly motivates buyers to buy and how you, the salesperson, can help the buyer reveal these motivations to you. During a sales conversation, you should be following the 70/30 rule, allowing the buyer to talk 70% of the time, while you are asking questions 30% of the time. Be sure to use your questioning skills to dig … Read More

Velocity Selling TV – Episode 53 – Objections Pt 1

Video Sales Training Podcast

In the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt dive into one of the biggest obstacles for any salesperson: handling objections. In the sales field, there will always come a time when you will need to face an objection from your prospect. When that time comes, it’s time to put all the traditional methods and old school training behind you and start handling objections the Velocity Selling way. As sales is … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 17 – Your Attitude Towards Your Organization

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

Velocity Selling T.V. Episode 17- Your Attitude Towards Your Organization- Summary In this week’s episode of Velocity Selling T.V., Bob Urichuck, founder of Velocity Selling and Matthew Whaytt, CEO of Velocity Selling discuss your attitude towards your organisation. In previous episodes, Matthew and Bob discuss the importance of your attitude towards yourself. In episode seventeen, they go more in depth with your attitude and how it applies to your organisation. Bob talks listeners through ranking … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 6 – Discipline – The Essential 2nd Element Of Your Success

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

Matthew and Bob begin this episode by reminding everybody that they had already given the first step to raising performance in sales and business by one hundred percent in the previous episode, and that is by having the right attitude, but that they also mentioned they would continue to the next step and go into detail about how to boost performance levels by another full one hundred percent. So in this interview, Bob explains how … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 4 – What do we mean by Non-Traditional Sales

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

In this episode of Velocity Selling TV, Matthew and Bob delve fully into what their way of sales and management training, which they call non-traditional sales processes. What exactly does it mean to use these non-traditional processes and how do they differ from the typical and straightforward way of selling. Matthew and Bob describe that traditionally, to sell a product the salesperson will initially focus on what he or she has to offer to the … Read More

Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 1 – Year In Review

sales mentoring, value, sales coaching, sales techniques

In its very first episode, Velocity Selling introduces itself as a company created to help businesses and those in sales develop their skills using a non-traditional sales process that provides sales management training, and coaching in strategic sales planning on a continuous basis to help explode business sales and up the bottom line. We are also introduced to CEO Matthew Whyatt and founder Bob Urichuck, who in this episode discuss how goal setting and working … Read More