Velocity Selling TV – Episode 74 – Tools for Success

In the latest episode of Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt share the tools that everyone can use for success. Everyone, especially if you are in sales, can truly benefit from the worksheets that are a part of the Velocity Selling system. These tools for success help you keep on track to reaching your goals with breaking down the daily disciplines which will help you in your personal and work life goals. No … Read More

Let your clients tell you how to sell them

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Open ended questions will tell you exactly how to sell to any prospect.
I was with a sales training client this week and challenged the sales team to come up a few open ended questions that could draw the client in to the conversation. (An open ended question cannot be answered with a yes or a no.) Because without the client being involved in the conversation you are not going to get very far in the world of sales.

“But Sales Scripts sound wooden”

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It is reported by Forbes that Robert Downey Jr got paid close to $75 Million dollars last year. Do you think he winged it? ( Iron Man pun) Of course he had a script. I have always developed scripts for me and my sales teams because it is the perfect way to capture and leverage the best sales conversations. We make sure there are parts of the script that allow for free flow conversation but … Read More

Voicemail is not dead you just suck at it

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Voicemail is dead!  No One returns calls. I have heard this from a number of sales people in businesses that I work with and in my own sales rooms over the years. Voicemail is not dead, you just suck at it! Do your voicemails motivate people to call you back? Or do you imagine them diving behind the couch and hiding from the phone when they see it’s you calling? Let’s talk about your voicemails … Read More

Get Moving to get Creative

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Over the years I have told every salesperson that I have trained that once you have made contact with the client you need to stand and walk around. I found that they were more interesting to listen too, more creative and have a better chance of making a connection with the client than when sitting down. A recent study from Stamford University has now proven it with real science. If you are a sale person that … Read More

Be interesting or at least interested.

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I believe that the phone is the single most powerful tool in making a personal and impactful connection with your potential clients outside of being face to face. If you caught my previous blog post I was recounting to you the worst sales call I had ever encountered and that got me thinking.  I wrote about the key elements that the person did wrong in the 32 seconds that the call lasted.  In the next … Read More

I just got the worst sales call ever (Rant)

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Thank you random call center person I now have a recent example of crappy sales technique that I can deconstruct and then in future posts offer my ideas on how this call could be fixed. So here is the situation that happened today. The person called me and said “Hello is this (My Mobile Number)?”(Being the number they just called on). Then they said they are from the (telephone company) do you have time? I … Read More

Is Selling Evil?

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I love Sales and Marketing. [recommendation] – Joe Polish he and Dean Jackson have a weekly podcast in which they give away so much marketing and selling information that it has been said by some listeners ( over 200,000 world wide) that they get more real life usable ideas from their podcast than a marketing degree. Hey, when you get to the magic 9 word email you will reject it like I did then I thought hey … Read More

The 1 word that blew it.

After spending almost $1,000 at a Marine fish shop in Mermaid Beach last week I had a question so I called the guy in the afternoon, introduced myself and asked how are you? He said 1 word Busy. I had only 2 hours earlier been in the shop and I get a one word grunting answer when I could be calling to spend even more money? F*&% him there are plenty of other shops I … Read More

Voodoo sales

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I have seen it a lot of high performing sales people in my career.  These guys and girls who are on top of the sales board seem to be blessed with good clients, amazing timing and quick sales. Is it luck? Is it skill? is it Voodoo? Well, it is attitude. What attitude is that? and how do you develop it? I have often asked a sales person to act as if they didn’t need … Read More