Velocity Selling Podcast –Episode 10 – The Right To Like Yourself As You Are

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In episode 10 of Velocity Selling TV, Right to Like Yourself as You Are, Velocity Selling Founder, Bob Urichuck and Velocity Selling CEO, Matthew Whyatt discuss the importance of your right to like yourself as you are and how that will in turn affect you as an individual and a sales person.

This right is the third right listed in Bob’s ten rights previously discussed in episode 9.

When it comes to motivation and action to do something positive, Bob refers to the BAFAR system. The BAFAR system is as follows:

Beliefs determine Attitudes which determines how you Feel. How you feel determines your Actions, which will determine your results. The BAFAR system can be directly controlled from within your individual thoughts and motivations. Bob discusses how he directly changed his thoughts and feelings in regards to rainy days and how he turned a belief that a rainy day is a lazy day into a rainy day is a productive and positive day. Bob stresses the importance of how the BAFAR system will only work if you realize the positive change needs to come from within yourself.

Bob and Matthew also discuss how the BAFAR system can be transferred to your sales life which will make improvements by valuing your product and believing their worth, as well as your own.

The BAFAR system is one of the three main components of Velocity Selling. It’s all about beliefs. Your beliefs should be positive and encouraging and when they are, your results will show correlation to your beliefs. Internal changes will show external outcomes with the assistance of the BAFAR system.


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