Velocity Selling Podcast – Episode 5 – The Foundations of Success

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In episode 5 of Velocity Selling TV, the main focus is what is the true foundation of what makes an individual successful. Matthew and Bob discuss back and forth about what Matthew did in his past that elevated him to the level of success he has been able to reach, and it all came down to one big element that is the main driving force behind all successful people.

Having the right attitude in life is absolutely necessary to increase productivity in anything you do by one hundred percent. The right attitude can help lead you to take the steps necessary to reach the levels of success that you one day wish to attain.
Matthew talks about how in his past, he always kept the right attitude to push him to become successful. He believes that his attitude allowed him to work harder than other salespeople in his company and allow him to quickly rise through the ranks of success. His attitude kept him at work to make a few extra phone calls while others were packing up and ready to head home at the end of the day. His attitude permitted him to look forward and prepare for the next day, so he was able to come into his work ready and focused without having to scramble and waste the time he used to push himself higher and higher up the ladder of success.

Apart from his attitude allowing him to work hard, it pushed him to continue his education, which both he and Bob believe to be an important characteristic of successful people. Matthew’s attitude did and continues to push him to learn as much as he can about his career and techniques so he can continue to improve and therefore continue building on his foundation of success.

Finally, Matthew explains that his attitude also allowed for humility when he recognized that he needed to seek out further coaching and advice from people whom he believed to be more successful than him at that particular time. His attitude allowed him to model his work after those who exceled at theirs, and that gave him the guidance needed to build his company and his success levels to what they are today.

Bob explains that the proper attitude can boost any performance level without any doubt. Having the right attitude in business can easily add one hundred percent success to whatever your current level is, however it is important to recognize that your attitude is also one hundred percent under your own control. There are many things in life that we are unable to control, but attitude is one thing in life that you absolutely can control to increase your level of success. Positivity, strong mental toughness and the will to drive yourself forward are all major parts of your attitude that will build your foundation for success.


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