Velocity Selling TV – Episode 40 – The Most Effective Way to Attract New Clients

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Many businesses and sales people think they know the most effective way to attract new clients. They turn to the old, traditional methods of what is known as a push strategy – pushing themselves out there in any media or marketing strategy they can saying ‘hey, buy my stuff.’

In fact, pushing buyers of today’s world into buying your stuff is the wrong way to go about it. The new economy of buyers are educated and can access a plethora of information to keep themselves well informed about potential products and/or services. This is why as a business owner and/or sales person you need to stand out. How can you stand out among several competitors?

Add value.

Prove to provide high levels of value to your customers. One of the greatest ways to do this would be attending speaking events. Give yourself and your business a chance to share how valuable you are to the community and your customer base by sharing your command on the industry.

Be an expert on the subject matter and share that knowledge with others. Being an expert in your field will show you truly know your stuff and by helping people and sharing your knowledge, you can begin to attract new clientele. Once the value is there, you can then begin to tap into what is known as a pull strategy. Instead of pushing potential clients to buy, you pull them in with your high levels of value.

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