Velocity Selling TV – Episode 42 – How Buyers Buy

buyers buy

Discovering how buyers buy is one of the crucial factors to a success business. Simply speaking, buyers have a four step buying system that is subconsciously a part of them. First, they will mislead the sales person or be dishonest with them. Second, the buyer will get as much free consulting out of the salesperson as they can by asking questions about the product or service. Third, they will mislead the salesperson again with ‘I need to think about it”. And finally, when it comes time for the salesperson to follow up with the prospect, the potential buyer will then hide.

These are the basic four steps to the buyers system. As a sales person, it is imperative to break that cycle by putting the steps of the Velocity Selling System into place.

With the Velocity Selling system, you will not only discover the buyers system, but you will be able to implement the steps you need to bring you, the sales person, back in control. Overcoming the buyers system and placing the control back into the hands of the salesperson will engage and empower the buyers to buy.

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