Velocity Selling TV – Episode 44 – How to Engage Buyers

engage buyers

How to engage buyers is yet another crucial part to the Velocity Selling System. How can you engage your buyers? In order to fully engage your buyers you will have to ask questions. Asking questions will help you to discover the needs and wants of your buyers.

Yet, asking questions does more than engage your buyers. Asking questions will enable you to be in control of the conversation. Staying in control of the conversation is not done to manipulate the conversation. Instead, being in control of the conversation, you can dig deeper into what the buyers needs and wants are as well as allow the buyer to open up more freely to you during your conversation.

In addition, directing the conversation to get your client to open up will allow them to feel in control. When your buyers are feeling in control, you will not have to sell them anything, the will already be eager to buy.

Keep your buyers engaged by asking questions and satisfying the Universal needs of all buyers.

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