Velocity Selling TV – Episode 49 – Let’s Pretend

lets pretend

This week in Velocity Selling TV, sales gurus Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt share another crucial sales technique: Let’s Pretend.
As a salesperson there will come a time when a potential client asks for a demo or for a brochure with the promise of getting back to you at their leisure. As a salesperson, using the Velocity Selling system, you should always ask: When can I expect to hear from you?

This little question places you back into control of the sales process. Let’s pretend that you have already given the demo or the brochure, what will happen next? Using the sales techniques of the Velocity Selling system, you will need the customer to begin to make commitments to you, not you making commitments to them.

By asking when you can expect the call, you, as the salesperson can ask, “If I don’t hear from you by the set date, would it be alright if I contacted you x amount of days from now or the following week?” This lets the potential customer understand that if they do not keep their commitment with you they can expect to be hearing from you soon. If at that point, you are reaching out to them due to the fact that they haven’t kept their commitment to you, they will most likely feel a twinge of guilt for not keeping the commitment. If the client just so happens to feel a twinge of guilt, they might be more inclined to buy.

Creating scenarios with the ‘Let’s Pretend’ sales technique allows you to prepare for anything and everything that could occur and most importantly, allows you, the salesperson to stay in control of the sales process.

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