Velocity Selling TV – Episode 50 – You’re on page 7, I’m on page 2

page 7, im on page 2

Join sales experts Matthew Whyatt and Bob Urichuck in this week’s episode of Velocity Selling TV as they dive into the sales technique, ‘You’re on page 7, I’m on page 2’.

With any sales conversation, as a salesperson, you are bound to encounter a prospect or client that wants to know certain pieces of information or prices about your products or services before you are ready to reveal them. When a prospect tries to get ahead of the sales conversation, especially if you are presenting to a group, it is imperative that you let them know- You’re on page 7 and I’m on page two.

Let them know you would like to ensure that everyone understands the entire process. As a salesperson, you want to make sure that the buyers are making a quality and qualified decision to buy. In other words, you want to empower your buyers to buy by giving them the most education on your products and services as possible.

Now, there will be times when you encounter very insistent individuals. They just won’t stop asking about prices, even though you are nowhere near to revealing them in your presentation or your script. When these occurrences happen, you can name a price. Yet, which price should you name? Well, it’s simple- name the highest prices possible.
Why? It’s easier to come down in price than it is to go up.

Keep your sales conversations smooth and engage and empower your buyers to buy with the help of the Velocity Selling technique You’re on page 7 and I’m on page 2.

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