Velocity Selling TV -Episode 67 – Step 6 Summarising

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After going through each of the first five Velocity Selling System steps, build rapport, setting parameters, uncovering buying motivators, uncovering financial ability, and uncovering decision making, we are brought to the sixth step: summarising.

The summarising step is a crucial part of the Velocity Selling System because this is where you will summarise everything you and the potential buyer have discussed and where you as a salesperson need to decide if you can truly help them or not.

If you are not able to help them, whether it be due to the budget or if their problem is one that you cannot solve with your products or services, you will need to remind the customer of the beginning of the conversation where you mentioned you will be honest with them, no matter the outcome. Simply let them know that you will not be able to help due to the reason and the customer will appreciate this honesty. Due to your honesty you can still keep the relationship between you and the potential buyer a good one and you can let them know that if there is an opportunity to help them in the future, you will be there.

If there is nothing standing in the way and you are able to help them solve their problem and help their business, after summarising, it will be the next step to offer your prescription. Offering the prescription, or showing them the presentation will be the next step within the Velocity Selling System and we will cover more on this step in next week’s episode so stay tuned.
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