Velocity Selling TV – Episode 68 – Step 7 Prescribing Solutions

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The seventh step in the Velocity Selling System is what all salespeople should be doing after they have completed steps one through six, and that would be prescribing solutions. As a sales person, you should consider yourself to be a doctor of selling. Why? Because any doctor that prescribes without understanding the diagnosis is committing malpractice. As a salesperson, you want to make sure that you fully understand what your buyer needs for their business before you make the prescription. Which is why the first six steps of the Velocity Selling System are so important.
Before you prescribe a solution, you want to start this part of the conversation where you left off in step six, with the summary. This will help make sure you and the client are on the same page and ensure that nothing has changed.
Just so long as nothing has changed, you can then ask them their three, four, or five problems they see as most important. This is where you can then solve the issues with your products or services. Make sure to fully find a solution for one problem at a time before moving on to the next issue.
Once you have offered your prescription, you can then ask the buyer on a scale of one to ten, how did you do? Anything rated at a 6 or lower, take the loss. Anything rated seven or higher, ask what you can do to be at a ten. This is important for your own feedback as well as making sure the client knows you want to do your very best for them and to truly help them solve their issues.
From there, you can do what salespeople under the Velocity Selling System do best, you can empower your buyer to buy. And we will cover this step in next week’s episode.

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