Velocity Selling TV – Episode 69 – Step 8 Account Retention & Development

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The final step in the Velocity Selling System, step eight, account retention and development brings the whole client focused system to an end. Bob Urichuck and Matthew Whyatt discuss a major part of any sales person’s job- retaining the customer and growing that relationship.

Once you have empowered your buyer to buy and they have joined forces with you to achieve the outcomes they want to achieve, it is vital as a salesperson to ensure that you maintain a close client relationship with the new buyer. As mentioned in previous episodes, sell now, educate later, the educate later is a major role within the retention and development.

Be sure that you enlighten the buyer in regards to all the features and benefits of the product or service you offer This will keep the buyer excited to be a part of your business in order to achieve the outcomes they wanted to achieve.

Keeping good relationships with your buyer will also enable you to have a better chance of a referral, introduction, and/or a testimony from the buyer. These things will only seek to improve your business as well as your reputation.

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