Velocity Selling TV – Episode 70 – The Cheat Sheet

Sales Cheat Sheet

Over the last few weeks we have covered the steps in making the perfect sale. There are 8 total steps that make up the guide for the selling system. We have provided these steps for download in this post.
Make sure to stick these steps in the beginning of you sales notebook. That way they are always available for you each time you make a sales call or find yourself taking notes during a sales meeting. These steps form the ground rules for making a great sale.
The first step Building Rapport will help you to define a commonality between you and your lead. This step is important in starting any sales conversation. After we have some common ground you can start to set the parameters, such as time, objective, and agenda. These will ensure you don’t abuse your time with the lead.
Step 3 has us defining the buying motivators. At all times we want to keep the rule of 3 in mind as well as some questions to help you discover and solve the problem. After you have setup a good rapport, and defined your clients needs you can determine the financial ability. During this step you can review three or four problems identified earlier.
The fifth step is the decision making progress. This is an important step that will review previously discussed points and determine the timeline and next steps to finalize the sale. This also includes determining who else at the company would need to be involved in the sales process. The following step will summarize the meeting up to this point. In the 7th step, we will be prescribing a solution to the buyer. During this step it is of utmost importance to understand the clients point of view and to gauge the interest of the client.
The final step is to let the buyer buy. During this step, you must keep in mind account retention and development. This step is one that doesn’t end with the sale. You should strive to follow up with the client and curb buyers remorse while showing appreciation for the business.
Even with these steps, the most important method to hone your craft is to access the velocity selling system online training.The Velocity Selling System, Combined with real world experience will give you the edge you need in sales.

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