Velocity Selling TV – Episode 71 – Discipline Toward Yourself

Sales Discipline

Back again with Velocity Selling TV, Bob Urichuk and Matthew Whyatt share the importance of Discipline Towards Yourself in episode 71. Having self-disciplines incorporated into your day to day life is a crucial part to success.

Many famous and/or wealthy people in society will have a strict daily routine. For most, it’s a strict morning routine. Doing the same tasks each day will help you structure your life for success. Being sure to stay motivated, keep at least one hour a day for yourself and something you want to achieve. As the most important person in the world, you, you should definitely take time out of your day just for yourself.

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally will allow you to take better care of your job and the rest of the world around you. You will become more productive. Not to mention you will be living your life from the inside out.

Be sure to set disciplines for yourself and make your daily habits ones that will take your goals and make them a reality.

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