About Matthew Whyatt
Matthew is an entrepreneur from Australia, who started his first software business over 20 years ago, after a very successful sales career where he regularly outsold the long established players in a number of markets.

Matthew has owned companies with sales in excess of $100 Million.  He has personally managed large sales teams in his own businesses and more currently working with the owners and management of a number of established software businesses and startups.

Matthew is also the CEO of a company that provides Strategic Sales Consultancy, Sales and Sales Management Training, Mentoring and Coaching.  Matthew's expertise and passion is working with technology companies, specifically those selling B2B software solutions.

Matthews’ relentless thirst for knowledge and his ability to apply that knowledge in real world situations makes him a truly versatile salesperson.

In addition to his success in creating his own businesses, he has the skills and personality that makes him the one you want to work with to improve your sales approach and most importantly learn how to communicate with your prospects and potential partners for maximum impact.
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